Pros Of Selling Your Property To A Real Estate Investor Rather Than a Typical Realtor

In selling your house fast for cash, time is your friend. You might hire agents in selling your home simply because it is the norm. A home that has been on the market for several months because of ineffective marketing becomes stagnant. If you’re tired of relisting or want to avoid the hassles of the process, here are the reasons why working with an investor is beneficial to you.

Investors Purchase Homes “As-Is”

If your home is rundown, a realtor may not consider working with you. If they do, they may request that you complete a list of repairs before they enlist and promote your home. While agents want you to make repairs, investors do not. Investors are not bothered by the extent of the damage. They already know what needs repairing when they buy your house. They will make an offer that includes the cost of repairs. You will never pay a bill or fix your damaged faucet throughout the procedure. They’ve seen it all and will collaborate with contractors to resolve issues.

Investors Are Buying Homes In Problematic Areas

If the value of your neighborhood has dropped, it can be hard to find a buyer for your property. Even the best realtors may have difficulty selling homes in high-crime and noisy locations. An investor will not reside in your home. Your neighbors are unimportant to them. Their goal is to buy and renovate your home to sell it to someone who doesn’t care. When an investor is ready to take on that task, you and your realtor have no reason to search for thresholds. At PhillyCash4Homes, we buy ugly houses and communities. That is encouraging news to consider.

Investors Pay Fast For Cash

Realtors can find buyers for your property, but they lack the capital to finance that buyer. Buyers do not pay cash for a home and need financing clearance from a financial institution like a bank. Investors use their funds to purchase properties in cash. You’ll receive what they offer. Don’t be concerned about delays or costly escrow procedures. Buying with fast cash makes everything so much easier.

Investors Do Not Require Commissions

Realtors are not volunteers or charitable workers. A realtor will charge you a commission on the sale of your home. As a result, you will not receive the entire amount due to your agent and, in the worst-case scenario, the buyer’s agent. A partnership with an investor is simple: you have the money, no commission fee, and everyone will be satisfied at the end of the process.

Investors Provide A Fast Closing Process

The closing process will not take an eternity because investors already have the funds needed to purchase your property.

In a week, an investor can close on your house and begin packing as soon as you accept an investor’s offer.

PhillyCash4Homes wants to be your partner in providing you with these benefits. We’re a group of professional real estate investors and we buy houses Philadelphia. Do you want to work with us? Visit for more information. Let us make selling your property as simple as one, two, or three.