Can my dog sleep with me after Frontline

It is important to note that your dog should not sleep in your bed until 24 hours after Frontline has been applied. Frontline takes around 24 hours to work, and even after a full day there is still a chance that the active ingredients may be passed onto you or other members of your family. During this time, the medicine can cause skin irritation if exposed directly to the skin. Therefore, it’s best to keep your pet away from any sleeping areas for an entire day after application.

However, after a day has passed, you are welcome to let your dog snuggle up in bed with you or share their own bedding if they prefer it. It is important to remember though that weekly applications will be needed in order for Frontline’s protection to remain stable and effective against fleas and ticks.

Ending things off

Yes you can allow your pet to sleep with you after applying Frontline flea and tick prevention as long as you wait until the product is completely dry beforehand.